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I don't know the name of the fragrance I purchased.
  No Problem. Each bottle is stamped on the underside with a 3-4 letter code to help you identify the name. Once you have carefully located this, go to our Women's or Men's selection page and make your match! If you can not read it please snap a picture and upload it and email to: [email protected]
My code is not clear enough or is missing.
  In the event you cannot read the code we welcome you to email us a picture of the BOTTOM OF THE BOTTLE. There are letter codes that we need to view. In the event your bottle doesn't have any discernable letters please feel free to send us a sample for a "sniff test". Our veterans are nearly always capable of identifying the scent. Please include information that may help us discern the scent, such as approximate date when you purchased, male or female scent, etc. AND INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL OR CONTACT PHONE NUMBER.  Then send to:

Escents Direct
SNIFF TEST 5321 Cambridge Ct. Grapevine, TX 76051
Tell me what I should send with the sample?
  The sample is most suitable if generously sprayed onto a cotton ball or pad and wrapped in a plastic baggie or saran wrap, and then drop it into an envelope and we will immediately email you the results once we receive the sample and sniff test it!
What can I do if the "sniff test" doesn't work?
  When those rare occasions occur we prefer to have the bottle sent to us. We can sometimes identify the code letters and the smell better, simultaneously. We will do our best to help you order exactly what you want !

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